I am writing this letter because of the outstanding service All-Pro has given us over the last year, in our rental properties. All-Pro had the opportunity to sell us a new boiler system. Every company we brought in to repair a unit in Burnaby could not repair the boiler to the point where it was reliable enough to go through a heating season, and they all recommended the replacement of the old boiler.

All-Pro came in to quote the sale and installation of the new system, and recommended we only perform some minor repairs, and re set up the existing boiler. They performed this work and to date the boiler has had no issues since the repairs. All-Pro has been looking after the service and inspections of our boilers now for approximately 1 year, they have had an excellent response time, service technicians are very professional.

We have saved tens of thousands by switching to All-Pro because of there integrity and technical expertise. I have no reservations about recommending All-Pro to any one, they will do what is best for the customer, and never sell you on equipment or service you do not require just to make a dollar.


Thank you,
Balazs Szebenyi