Dear Robert and the crew at All-Pro, We at Central City Brewing would like to extend our gratitude and sincere appreciation for the excellent work done at our new facility! From engineering and installation to service and parts, your knowledge base has been invaluable to us and without All-Pro we would have definitely incurred higher costs through delayed production and process oversights. Your crew came on site late into the installation and as a result had to work longer, harder and in more difficult conditions than what would normally be expected. Through it all your crew was professional, self-motivated and safe. They were also cheerful in demeanour and respectful of other trades and the facility as a whole. Personally, Robert, you and your crew’s expertise has been of great assistance to me and has greatly reduced my personal stress load. You and your team genuinely did everything possible to help us meet our goals and I would strongly recommend your team to anyone needing the services All-Pro offers.


Paul Kehler, Chief Engineer Mechanical Maintenance
Central City Brewers & Distillers