I would like to thank you and your team at All-Pro Services for, once again, doing whatever it takes to exceed our expectations.

In less than a year we have worked together to deliver four mobile boiler plants and I am very happy with each of them. We got more than what we paid for. You have proven that when I select a tender from All-Pro, I am not selecting a contractor who cuts corners and hopes for change orders; I am selecting a professional team who is confident in their ability to design-build complicated systems, and who has the experience necessary to stick to the budget and schedule targets they present.

You have found creative solutions to meet our needs, whether they be adding a variety of boilers, increasing overall capacity, delivering the container into a forest, or creating a skid-mounted solution allowing for the enclosure to be built after the boilers are commissioned and running. Even when changes occur, you do whatever it takes to meet our original timelines regardless of changes that may occur during construction.

Consultants and I have enjoyed the ability to stop in to your office and monitor construction progress. You also should be commended for working seamlessly with our other trades such as controls vendors and utilities that need to connect on site, even when you have no contractual relationship with them.

Above all else, I must thank you for delivering a product that works as expected and that we can operate and showcase confidently. Even from the time of issuing tender, it was clear that All-Pro was committed to the success of the project and the ongoing operation of the products they produce. The work does not stop once substantial completion is reached. Your team has always continued to work swiftly to complete all remaining work, whether it be work remaining in the contract or ‘nice-to-haves’ that only come to light once we start using the energy centre. Throughout each project we feel that Corix and All-Pro have the same goal to make sure we produce a product that we are both proud of.

There is a strong sense of pride in the work that is done at All-Pro Services at all levels, from the technicians who build the customized boiler plants, to the support staff who ensure all close-out paperwork comes complete with the finished product. It is seen in the way the welders speak about their project and how they take the time to add finishing touches like extra coats of paint on pipes and floors to make sure it all looks sharp. I see it whenever I walk through your office, and I trust that the people building our boiler plants truly care about doing a great job. That sense of pride transfers through to me, and it shows when I can confidently tour people through the new facility knowing it looks great and it works. When new people see these boiler plants, they know they are seeing something very special.

It has been a pleasure to work with All-Pro Services throughout the construction of these mobile boiler plants and into the operations and maintenance of them. When we need something done, All-Pro has attended very promptly with same day or next day service. They understand that their customers have priorities that cannot afford to wait in the queue. This has been essential in instances such as coordinating power and gas connections that can be required with short notice. The continued prompt solutions-based service is one of the main reasons we continue to do business with you.

Our entire team at Corix is happy with the products we receive form All-Pro and we look forward to the next opportunity to work with your team again.


Many thanks,

Sam Orr
Construction Manager