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J.S. Biln

This is to advise that the West Coast Railway Association (WCRA) retained the services of All-Pro Services Limited from March through October 2006 to complete repairs on a locomotive boiler. WCRA staff had disassembled the vintage boiler, commenced installing tubes and flues but realized that we did not have the tools, knowledge, and resources to complete this very important project. All-Pro Services completed the repairs, which included retubing, fitting and welding. They also prepared the necessary documentation for the regulators and were on hand during certification by our regulator, the Boiler Branch of BC Safety Authority.

Value of the contract with All-Pro was approximately C$150,000. In addition to their expertise and professionalism, I can attest to the personal integrity of President Robert Jang, project foreman Randy Guz and the staff. From the onset, Robert outlined his firm s role and responsibilities, identified what was required from WCRA to obtain the certification, and kept his word about all commitments and issues.

All-Pro Services were also very resourceful in getting the necessary specialized tools and components for the vintage locomotive. Robert took on an advisory role for the entire locomotive rebuild and did not just limit his advice to the boiler. Without Randy Guz and his exceptional knowledge of the Royal Hudson and its inner workings, along with the procedures and materials used when the steam locomotive was built, this project would not have been completed on time. Randy s dedication and eye for detail shows in the quality of the workmanship.

During this past week, the restored vintage locomotive Royal Hudson #2860 successfully completed its first excursion since repairs (see www.wcra.org). The locomotive performed flawlessly and the boiler operated as expected. There was still steam pressure three days after shutdown, an unusual situation that attests to the tightness of the boiler. WCRA are indebted to Robert Jang and his team for their excellent work on the boiler as we realize that we could not have achieved success without them. I would be more than pleased to provide further details and discuss All-Pro Services expertise and talents anytime.

West Coast Railway Association